Our Compatibility Matching System® makes online dating in Dallas less stressful by taking a scientific approach to connecting people.

Shared interests and factors like work and family values add up to the total portrait of your ideal companion.

Things that have stopped scanning to me as specifically Texan, which must mean I’m fully reintegrated now.

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From the thrilling roar of NASCAR racing to the relaxing rhythm of horseback riding on tree-lined trails, Dallas singles have so much to explore, especially if they're with the right person.

Laugh together over splashy first attempts at stand-up paddling, cheer yourselves hoarse at a Cowboys game, or savor a quiet conversation over a gourmet meal.

I realize women take these pictures, too, but I saw so many men doing this, and I am confounded by the mental process leading up to it. But for the men of Dallas, it’s like clothes just happened to them. My brother (one of the best men I know) spent several years wearing little else but Polo shirts. Where Dallas guys do get wacky in their wardrobe is when it comes to sports.

He’s an engineer, not interested in shopping, and I understood this as a combination of aspirational branding and total fashion indifference. So many novelty jerseys and goofy college insignias.

Whether your interests lie in sports, music, antique hunting, or fine dining, there is a wealth of variety for local dating in Dallas.

There are so many opportunities for singles in Dallas to bond, whether it's over shared interests or discovering new interests together.

You stop in the middle of the glistening water to break out some crisp, juicy pears and a wedge of Brie that's softened to creamy perfection. and pours on some old school blues, for a perfect nightcap.

Then, as the day passes, you open a bottle of champagne and toast, as you watch the sun melt into the horizon. L.'s Blues Palace is all about the music, not the hype. • Roam and Relax – Start the day with spicy shrimp and grits or comforting cornmeal griddlecakes at Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District.

The Official Dallas episode guide, detailing all 14 seasons and television movies of the hit television Dallas starring Larry Hagman as JR Ewing. Atticus tears up his will after hearing about his friends' deaths. At a dinner at the Oil Baron's Club that night, Atticus tells Mc Kay that he intends to continue his takeover bid of Weststar.