Chelsea, Billie, and some of the other sorority sisters tried to take the information to the dean, but Ford Decker's dad was very good friends with the dean and no action was taken against Ford.

Not long after they returned, Chelsea and Nick began dating.

Chelsea found out that Nick had a one night stand with Billie.

While working her community service at the hospital, she came across paper work that said that Shawn Douglas was Claire's biological father, not Phillip. The test proved that Shawn was Claire's dad and all charges were dropped against Chelsea.

Chelsea knew that Shawn would not believe her, so she left the paperwork for Shawn and Belle to find. A fingerprint sample revealed that Chelsea's prints were all over the paper. Abby introduced her geeky cousin, Nick Fallon, to Chelsea one night at Dune.

helsea have agreed a £35million fee for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and also want to sign Danny Drinkwater and Ross Barkley in the final week of the transfer window. It is not just about strengthening the squad, although that is something they certainly have to do, with head coach Antonio Conte demanding more first-team players. It is because that despite being owned by a Russian billionaire, despite never hiring a British manager under Roman Abramovich, the club wants to have an English backbone.

It is a plan that has been shared with the Italian Conte and with his predecessors including Jose Mourinho. Because it is an English club and it is a long-term dream of Abramovich’s to flood the Chelsea first-team with talent from the club’s academy but, primarily also, English talent. It may appear unlikely but it is what Abramovich...

Unfortunately, Chelsea took her attention off the road for a moment, and hit something.

Hours later she realized it was her younger half-brother Zack, who died as a result.

Chelsea was left on her own until Billie Reed stepped up and agreed to assume responsibility for Chelsea, and the two ended up moving in with Patrick Lockhart, much to Chelsea's delight.