’ while I was lying on a hard couch in a white, sterile room with bright lights overhead.” “Now let me place ze electrodes on your genitals,” she said, faking a German accent, and trying not to laugh. I promise.” “You nutcase,” I said, as we both laughed.“Actually, it was quite an enjoyable time,” I said.

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She then asked me to go back over the history of all my relationships.

“That would have taken a long time,” Mary Beth said, poking her tongue out. “And look who’s talking, you’re not one to criticise me in that area! Sorry, I won’t interrupt again.” I told her how she didn’t criticise me over the number or nature of my relationships, but then she threw me by asking how many of them I considered myself intimate with.

After setting out the furniture, I changed into a tee shirt; it was too hot to wear the long sleeved shirt that I had put on earlier.

I then helped Mary Beth carry our meals out to the table; as well as the ham and cheese toasties, she had made a big jug of lemonade.

The two of us were sitting opposite each other around the new table.

The lemonade jug was sitting on the lazy Susan, and I poured myself a large glass of the ice-cold drink.Around here, or back in the inner city, or someplace else?” “I think I would like to be living here, either in this house, or something similar,” I said. I mean, if you want to get married, have you thought about the type of woman you would want to marry?We continued to look around the mall, and there was a ‘Pool and Spa’ store that had special pricing on outdoor redwood furniture.We settled on a round table, complete with built in ‘lazy susan’ and four benches, plus a cute two seater set where there was a seat either side of a small table – the salesman called it a ‘Jack and Jill’ setting. Mary Beth waited at the shop’s loading bay while I drove back home, hitched up the trailer, and returned to the mall.She made a few suggestions, like making sure I maintain my daily journal, and also setting some high level, long term life goals. Surely, there’s more you want to achieve than just a professional career?