Tensive pain, also with pressure in temples and forehead, or with dullness of whole head. Single pimples on scalp and face, more on occiput, forehead and temples. Dim sight, all objects looking dark, as if through a veil, or running together, with itching around eyes and in face, preceded by incipient catarrh, succeeded by itching on legs. Dryness of eyes, with burning and redness of conjunctiva. Highmori and frontal cavities, with moderate secretion of a yellowish or greenish mucus, more copious in morning, and having a pungent smell or taste. Sensation of chilliness, succeeded by deep red spots on cheek, attended with heat extending over face in afternoon.

Feeling of drunkenness, dizziness, vacuity, confusion, , especially in front, with pressure in sinciput, attended with alternating chilliness and heat from morning till afternoon, succeeded by a nasal flux and sneezing, as if catarrh would arise, but which does not appear. Pressure from within outward, particularly in forehead, but also in temples and occiput. Illusions ; in twilight objects appear twice as large as natural. Berberis vulgaris has Biting, burning, or itching sensation in eyes. Catarrh of nose, lasting for months, with catarrh of antra. Dark red spot on cheek, after a chilly feeling, then spreading over whole face.

After eating solids, belching for hours, and soreness continuing all night.

Therefore, it is very important that the patients should avoid self-treatment and rather consult the most abled and qualified classical homopath and take the treatment under his proper guidance and advice.

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Vertigo : with danger of falling ; when stooping and when rising ; struggling with arms when rising ; with dizziness, faintness, pressure in forehead, succeeded by chills. Tensive pain, also with pressure in temples and forehead. Heaviness in head, when stooping, as if brain would fall forward, with a sensation of bubbling, as if all would prolapse from forehead. Tearing near orbits with lachrymation ; eyes and nose moist. Sudden shooting ; arising from forehead and temples, or extending to them. During flowing catarrh, oppression on chest, particularly at night. Sensation as if cold drops were spurted in face when going into open air. Bright red, inflamed pimples on cheeks and lips, ulcerated in centres.

Indication of catarrh, succeeded by violent ophthalmic complaints.

Mental labor, requiring close thinking, very difficult ; the least interruption breaks the chain of thought. Rending in different parts, particularly in temples and occiput, arising from neck or extending to it ; from edge of orbit towards nose or upward to forehead, or into orbits. Headache : accompanied by hepatic or rheumatic arthritic complaints ; or with affections of urinary organs ; or with menstrual derangements. In skin of head and face a tension as if it was bloated, or covered with a cap, or benumbed, with difficulty to move it. Itching, with burning and stitches on scalp and face, more on occiput, especially in evening, and changing its place after scratching. Tearing, alternately in ear and other parts of body.

Indifference and pensiveness, with disinclination to speak. Pressing, straining, bursting headache, especially in sinciput, chiefly in morning, in open air ; with weariness and exhaustion. Shooting, wringing, rending stitches above forehead and temples. Irritation in eyes, as if from sand, heat and burning, with a cloudy appearance. Cold feeling in eye, like from a cool wind, with lachrymation when closing eyes. Eye symptoms Outward piercing in ear, as if with a sharp-pointed instrument. Pimples ; nodosities, size of hemp seed, on auricle, painful to touch.

5% Mother Tincture in a non-aqueous oily base containing: Almond Oil and Beeswax. 5% Mother Tincture in a non-aqueous oily base containing: Almond Oil, Lanolin. Round sucrose pills 25 per gram (approx), diameter 3.5mm.

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