I like the character design and creators do show quite a bit of effort and some creativity even (opening/ending sequences and ED song run-ons, and even a song in English... I also liked that the voice-actor is same guy who voiced Godai from Maison Ikkoku(as I always wanted to see him do this and that to Kanrinin-san[Kyoko]).To summarize: girl A falls in love with boy B, sounds simple eh? That girl C had dated boy D, a very violent person who frequently beat her up, before she met boy B.

Seen some is more like a "Watching what is currently airing in Japan" section.

I don't include titles I'm actually watching right now since I finish series rather fast.

Casshern is a cyborg who lost his memory after killing Luna and bringing doom to all robots - The Ruin.

Thus begins his journey to regain his memory, understand and atone for what he has done in the past.

There is one theme I don't like though - cyberpunk. Comments mostly contain my impressions and/or recommendation to those who have yet to see the series so I've tried to keep spoilers out or cover them in black.

Feel free to PM me if you have a suggestion, criticism or your own recommendation.If with previous works the carefully constructed drama feels more and more real, Angel Beats managed to reduce it back to the original, stripped down to it's flesh formula: sad scene(like life-story) - please cry now... Incomprehensible story and rapidly shifting mood doesn't help either: one minute it's slapstick comedy next it's dead serious.There are some good points but overall Angel Beats is a big failure. Build on the feeling of happiness it teaches the joy of little mundane things and I love it for this.To be fair, this series is not bad nor as melodramatic as it sounds, though it does walk a very thin line and therefore isn't for everyone. "."Slice of life" extreme, where I don't see any conflict (no, annoying imouto with siscon doesn't count) and by extension any point of even making this series. Original Cardcaptor Sakura doesn't have villans, but now that one appears story shows much of weakness.To it's credit animation and art are detailed but as I said the story isn't as compelling. He fits his voice to the role perfectly, as expected of the man-legend.Yet I am somehow certain that there is going to be an avid fanbase of this... Not to say that this series is devoid of conflict, it is simply accepting of all good and bad, as well as being universally optimistic. The way Aria ends is simply perfect and by this point I share so many wonderful memories of this franchise I can't help but absolutely love it. /cry I can't even describe how beautiful the endings of Crest/Banners are.